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Hey Dad, why am I out on this ice mound at the cottage?
Hey Dad, why am I out on this ice mound at the cottage?

Hi, my name is Jazz. I’m a 7 ½ old Bearded Collie. In the dog world, I’m known as a Beardie!
I was given the name Jazz after one of the musical genres my parents like listening to. As a Beardie, I love being close to people, so travelling and spending time with my Mom and Dad is a given. I am a friendly and gentle dog and like other dogs. Sometimes, however my nephew Buddy gets a bit rambunctious when we play. My extended dog family includes Buddy, Pebbles, Ella and Tiffany, the last 3 being Poodles.
Ever since I was young, I worked for my mom as her Admin. Assistant, in the home office. I spent many hours bringing my toys upstairs to the office and watch what she was doing …when I wasn’t snoring. End of the day, she would take the toys down to my basket and the next day we repeated it all over again. Exhausting!
I love to go on long walks. I know I have a lot of hair but my Mom and Dad keep me combed weekly, so I always look my best. I don’t always like getting combed but it’s worth it when I get my treats afterwards.
I’m looking forward to our big trip and hope you enjoy the blog and pictures.
Jazz (woof woof)
I have my winter coat on!


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  1. Oh Jazz. Just discovered your blog. What a smart dog you are. Very impressive. Hope you’re enjoying this travelling gig and your new home on wheels. 🙂

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